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Positions routinely recruited:

Registered Nurse


Licensed Vocational Nurse

Collections Manager

Medical Assistant

Insurance Specialist

Medical & Dental Receptionist

Dental Assistant

Accounts Payable Clerk

Lab Technician

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Pharmacy Technician

Payroll Clerk


Data Entry Clerk

Medical Transcriptionist

Tell us exactly what type of work you are seeking & qualified for, the benefits & wage you require, reasonable commute times/ distances, the days & hours you can work, etc., and we do the rest... with no cost to you (the practice pays the fee)!
Note:  We will assist all persons but it is important to mention we have the greatest success with persons with prior medical office experience.
Dallas & Collin Counties
Phn 214-631-8880, Fax 888-679-HORN
Tarrant County
Phn 817-465-4999, Fax 817-557-2006